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1974 Slider

1974-75 Pocket Schedule, Media Guide Early 1974: GM Milt Schmidt (Book Pg. 43), owner Abe Pollin (Pg. 168) Caps ad inside a 1974 Redskins game program GREG JOLY: GM, Owner show off 1st round draft pick (5/28/74) Hockey News Preview Article Broadway Premiere, Oct. 9, 1974: Bill Mikkelson, Mike Marson, and Dennis Dupere look on at Madison Square Garden during the first regular season game in Capitals history, a 6-3 loss to the Rangers. (Book Pg. 9)  Broadway Premiere: Jim Hrycuik scores the first goal in Caps history, a backhand past the Rangers’ Ed Giacomin at 5:06 of the first period. 10/15/74:  Fan handout at first home game, a 1-1 tie with LA. (Book Pg. 11) 11/12/74  Caps 2 Atl 2:  Michel Belhumeur made 23 saves 11/12/74: 7,823 saw 
Tom Williams, Jack Egers score for D.C. The team enlisted fan testimonials in a series of print ads. (Book Pg. 14) Teams unfairly hoarded players from the expansion Caps (Book Pg. 4) Caps allowed 446 goals, an NHL record 40 years later This happened a lot to the Caps in Montreal DOUG MOHNS: First captain, with Ron Jones, Yvon Labre (Book Pg. 15) DOUG MOHNS: His 22nd and final NHL season DOUG MOHNS: Doug preferred to salute during the National Anthem, because removing his helmet could dislodge his toupee. (Book Pg. 15) DOUG MOHNS: Like all Caps sweaters, his #2 was nameless ACE BAILEY (Book Pg. 58) TOMMY WILLIAMS: Led team in goals and practical jokes (Book Pg. 32) Ron Low backstopped the shutout, and all 8 Caps victories (Book Pg. 29) Michel Belhumeur, in one game, stopped two penalty shots (Book Pg. 30) John Adams - the goalie, not the founding father (Book Pg. 30) Bill Mikkelson hops to it as Ron Low looks on (Book Pg. 23) L: RON LALONDE, R: DENIS DUPERE L: NELSON PYATT, R: MIKE MARSON (Book Pg. 25) L: GORDIE SMITH, R: YVON LABRE (Book Pg. 22) L: MIKE BLOOM (Book Pg. 18), R: STAN GILBERTSON (Pg. 38) L: BRUCE COWICK, R: JACK EGERS (Book Pg. 38) Doug Mohns with Canucks to the right, left, behind & below GREG JOLY: Born 7 months after Mohn's first NHL game (Book Pg. 27) L: PETE LAFRAMBOISE, R: MIKE MARSON (in white pants!) JACK LYNCH: Wearing lacrosse mask to protect a tender jaw (Book Pg. 128) Bill Mikkelson takes hold, Mike Bloom prepares sneak attack 1974-75 COACHES: Jimmy Anderson was the first (Book Pg. 19) 1974-75 COACHES: Chief Scout Red Sullivan was the second (Book Pg. 21) 1974-75 COACHES: GM Milt Schmidt was the third (Book Pg. 43)


11/7/74: First visit to Boston (Book Pg. 13) 11/7/74:  Goalie Ron Low clears his crease 11/7/74:   Ron Low & Yvon Labre on defense 11/7/74:   Low tells puck, 'Be Gone'... 11/7/74:   ...and Doug Mohns makes it so 11/7/74: 3 goals, 3 assists for Bobby Orr 11/7/74:  Puck skitters to Bill Mikkelson 11/7/74:  Bobby Orr slices between Caps... 11/7/74:  ...leaving Low & Labre in his wake 11/7/74:  Mike Marson reaches for  puck 11/7/74: (L-R) Brossart, Marson, Low, Smith 11/7/74:  Bill Mikkelson can't  watch 11/7/74:   I love this photo's composition 11/7/74:  Phil Esposito's 2nd Pd... 1G, 3A 11/7/74:  The Snoopy banner behind #4 reads, 'Happiness is Orr' 11/7/74:  Orr marks Pete Laframboise 11/7/74: In relief, Michel Belhumeur #31 11/30/74: 1st trip to Maple Leaf Gardens  11/30/74: The Capitals scored first...  11/30/74: ...a Tommy Williams (#14) PP goal 11/30/74: Toronto scored the next 7...  11/30/74: ...on 15 shots in each period 11/30/74: Ron Low made 38 saves 11/30/74: MIKE MARSON 11/30/74: BILL MIKKELSON 11/30/74: DOUG MOHNS 11/30/74: PAUL NICHOLSON 11/30/74: PETE LAFRAMBOISE 3/1/75: Return match at MLG 3/1/75: BILL LESUK 3/1/75: Ron Low made 44 saves 3/1/75: The Caps led 4-3 with 1:30 to play 3/1/75: Toronto tied the game at 18:35... 3/1/75: ...& scored the winner with :07 left


expansion skaters


expansion goalies

JIM BEDARD (Book Pg. 73)  JIM BEDARD  JIM BEDARD ROLLIE BOUTIN  ROLLIE BOUTIN MASK MONTAGE, GARY INNESS LIFTS HIS (Book Pg. 73) RON LOW (Book Pg. 29)  RON LOW Ron Low’s Bicentennial goalie mask at the Hockey Hall of Fame. MIKE PALMATEER (Book Pg. 75)  MIKE PALMATEER  MIKE PALMATEER DAVE PARRO (Book Pg. 113)  DAVE PARRO  DAVE PARRO ('They went that-a-way') GARY SMITH (Book Pg. 74) WAYNE STEPHENSON (Book Pg. 94) WAYNE STEPHENSON WAYNE STEPHENSON BERNIE WOLFE (Book Pg. 72) BERNIE WOLFE BERNIE WOLFE These are – sort of – the 1977 hockey cards of Capitals goalie Bernie Wolfe and Barons forward Al MacAdam. Cards 1 and 3 were printed first, with EVERYTHING wrong. The second printing, Cards 2 and 4, at least got the names to match the faces, but the sweaters are still wrong. Or maybe they just switched the heads. Paging Dr. Frankenstein! (Book Pg. 73)



1st Road Win: The "Stanley Can"
When the Capitals won their only road game of the 1974-75 season, 5-3 over the Seals on March 28, 1975, the real fun started after the game.
(Book Pg. 31)

2nd Chance For 1st Draft Pick
Too much was expected too soon for too young a player. When Greg Joly, first-ever Caps draft pick, was dealt in 1976 to Detroit, he welcomed a fresh start. (Book Pg. 27)

Thin Draft Classes Handcuff GM
Max McNab became Caps GM in Dec., 1975, inheriting a bare cupboard. NHL teams had cherry-picked the best juniors before DC entered the league. (Book Pg. 6)

Charron is a Modest Guy

March 4, 1979 against the North Stars, Guy Charron scored his 200th NHL goal in a 5-4 victory. He shared the credit for reaching the milestone.

"Green" Coach Talks the Talk
Gary Green, age 26, became the youngest coach in NHL history (Book Pg. 83). Also, Larry King's first hockey guest. Gary explained how he fibbed into a minor-league job.

(Almost) No Stopping Them Now
Green's '79-'80 Caps rallied, 23-23-9 over the final 55 games, barely missing the playoffs. Down the stretch, he recorded this hopeful promo.
(Book Pg. 114)

stuff of legend

It only looks like... Pierre Bouchard has tied                                                          a yo-yo string to the puck It only looks like... the Flame has actually                                                      singed Larry Bolonchuk It only looks like... Rick Green is proposing to Paul Mulvey It only looks like... Caps owner Abe Pollin has put on                                                       a Hawks sweater to spy on his team It only looks like... Mark Lofthouse is pledging                 allegiance before a faceoff (he's Canadian) It only looks like... goalie Gary Smith is trying to perform a skate-blade appendectomy on Terry O'Reilly - oh wait, he is Maybe it was revenge for O'Reilly sitting on Yvon Labre Mike Palmateer with a 'Groin save and a beauty!'                    (Have I purposely avoided '5-hole' jokes? Yes I have) Phil Esposito suggests Gord Smith part his hair                                     on the opposite side Thrifty Bobby Carpenter buys off the rack To his dismay, Bob Sirois discovers there are                                     no free refills in the penalty box Legendary tough guy Bryan Watson had a soft spot                                              for Special Olympians Feb. 7, 1977: For 40 years, Watson was the only Capital to sneak his way onto a Sports Illustrated cover. (Book Pg. 64) The photo is Bill Clement, while still a Flyer, playing the Capitals, after being traded, painted for his hockey card to look like a Cap playing the Flyers. Got that? (Book Pg. 100) After the final game in 1976-77, the mighty Canadiens pay the Caps an unprecedented tribute. As the photo shows, a Caps player u-turns to participate in a spontaneous handshake line. Caps players also received rings for exceeding the win total of the first two seasons combined. (Book Pg. 55) In this poster for the classic hockey movie ‘Slap Shot’, that’s future Capitals coach Danny Belisle absorbing the blows from Paul Newman. Coach Gary Green's media moment was a Hockey News cover anointing him, ‘Wunderkind in Washington.’ (Book Pgs. 81, 83) On Yvon Labre Retirement Night (Book Pg. 115), Ryan Walter and the Caps chipped in to get Yvon a pair of children The Canucks 'V' sweater disturbs Tom Rowe, but                   positively freaks out the Vancouver player Taking low-angle photography to the extreme It only looks like... Gerry Meehan is 50 feet tall The cash-poor Caps sometimes made players share sticks 'I don't care if you did miss your pre-game nap...' Dale Hunter was once the enemy at Capital Centre Little-known fact: Dennis Maruk was quite the juggler Wayne Stephenson salutes you, the Caps fan


C4 Video

Ex-Ranger Greg Polis' scintillating end-to-end rush. Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick on the call. (Book Pg. 106)

A nationwide "NHL '79" broadcast syndicated throughout the U.S. Dan Kelly calls the action.

Maruk and Kelly score twice; Labre and Palmateer-yes, the Caps goalie-lay the smack down. (Book Pg. 113)

Months after this CBC-TV skills competition, Picard and Palmateer would be swapped. (Book Pg. 93)

Dennis Maruk's introduction to a Capital Centre sellout at the 1982 NHL All-Star Game. (Book Pg. 82)

Caps vs. Scouts

The Caps arrived in KC after a no-meal flight (Book Pg. 101) Caps defenseman Yvon Labre (7) keeps his head on a swivel... ...And makes sure it doesn't get knocked off during a 2nd period fight with Larry Johnston 1:12 later, Jack Egers (11) scores the first of three 2nd period Caps goals, as Bob Gryp (19) and Jack Lynch (2) look on 5,127 showed up at Kemper Arena; the Scouts fled to Denver after two poorly-attended seasons in Kansas City Greg Joly collected two assists, but not a hooking penalty, despite evidence to the contrary Randy Rota (25) and Jack Lynch (2) race up ice Jack and Randy at it again, as Guy Charron (7) watches; Charron would sign with Washington after the season As compensation, the Caps had to give up Nelson Pyatt (26), who led the team with 26 goals in '75-'76 Pyatt (26) and Chuck Arnason (8) played in both K.C. and D.C., as did Charron, Denis Dupere and Craig Patrick Willy Brossart (5) plays his man; Ace Bailey (9) heads up ice Pete Scamurra (6) blocks out; Bernie Wolfe (30) kicks out Wolfe, in his NHL debut, stopped 30 of 32 Scouts shots Here, Wolfe denies Wilf Paiement (9) on the doorstep Caps coach Milt Schmidt called Bernie 'Very impressive'; Scouts coach Bep Guidolin said, 'I have no comment'

Caps v. Rockies

Seven minutes into the game, Blair Stewart (5-11, 185) squares off with Colorado's Barry Beck (6-3, 215) Stewart loses the battle but wins the war against Beck, the Rockies' best defenseman... ...as Beck is ejected for the mysteriously named penalty of 'gross misconduct'  Dennis Maruk (21) scored a hat trick, one goal each period  Rookie Ryan Walter (9) scored twice, plus one assist Rolf Edberg (10) backchecks, Michel Bergeron (16) poke-checks; Robert Picard (24) had 3 assists  Guy Charron (15) scored the last of Washington's five 2nd period goals, and chipped in two assists Faceoff: Ron Lalonde (22) Bob Girard (26) Mark Lofthouse (20)  Defense pairing Rick Green (5) and Gordie Lane (28)  Yvon Labre (7) finished +7 in '78-'79, the best of his NHL career Edberg (10), one of two Swedes to debut on the 1978-79 Caps  The other, Leif Svensson (4), breaks up a 2-on-1  Bob Sirois (25) stickhandles; the Capitals outshot Colorado 17-5 in the 1st period, and 16-6 in the 2nd 5,458 enjoyed the biggest win margin in Caps' history to date  Coach Danny Belisle: '128 periods we played this year... ' '...and the 3rd was the first I was able to sit back and relax.'

Gametime Gallery

Vs. Atlanta: Paul Mulvey  Vs. Atlanta: Yves Belanger shows some leg to Tom Rowe Vs. Atlanta - Oct. 5, 1976: Rick Green and the Caps kick off their third season by beating Atlanta, 6-5. Festivities include Miss America Dorothy Benham singing the anthem, marketing director Andy Dolich finding the gorilla his dreams, and DC sportscasters participating in a between-periods shootout. (Book Pg. 51)  Vs. Boston: Rick Green and Greg Carroll Vs. Boston: Guy Charron and Terry O'Reilly seeing who's taller Vs. Boston: Yvon Labre and Wayne Cashman  Vs. Boston: Mike Marson and Brad Park Vs. Boston: Tom Rowe elbows Jean Ratelle  Vs. Boston: Pete Scamurra  Vs. Boston: (L-R) Rick Bragnalo, Bryan Watson, and                                                                   Rick Green (checking for dandruff) Vs. Boston: Michel Belhumeur protects his personal space bubble Vs. Buffalo: Two Pair? Ron Lalonde (22) and Gilbert Perreault (11)  Vs. Buffalo: Blair Stewart watches the puck find twine behind tumbling Sabres  Vs. Buffalo: Gord Lane and Jim Schoenfeld; Lane scored                                                       with 7:21 left to forge a 3-3 tie (3/18/79)  Vs. California: John Stewart's triple double (2G, 2A, 2PIMs) in a 5-1 Seals win; Caps are Michel Belhumeur (31), Jack Lynch (2), Murray Anderson (8)  (2/5/75)  All Caps: Victory! (L-R) Charron, Green, Picard, Walter, Sirois, Girard and Lynch  All Caps: Rick Green and Jim Bedard  All Caps: Robert Picard and Ryan Walter  All Caps: Alan Hangsleben and Mike Palmateer  All Caps: Goal! Gerry Meehan, Guy Charron and Yvon Labre  Book Pg. 178: Defenseman Rick Green (5) and center Ryan Walter (9) - The Caps sent these former 1st round draft picks north of the border in the blockbuster summer of 1982 trade with Montreal that brought Rod Langway & Co. to D.C.  All Caps: Gerry Meehan, Bernie Wolfe  All Caps: Ron Lalonde, against the Flyers and Flames  All Caps: Robert Picard and Ace Bailey in Montreal  All Caps:  As Bill Clement can attest, when Greg Joly (3) hugs you, you stay hugged; Hartland Monahan and Nelson Pyatt are at right  Vs. Chicago: Ace Bailey  Vs. Chicago: Gordie Lane and airborne Tim Higgins (1/7/79)  Vs. Chicago: Tom Rowe bears down on Bob Murray... (1/7/79)  ...and introduces him to the Chicago Stadium boards (1/7/79) Vs. Chicago: Gord Lane, linesmen foiling Phil Russell's windup (1/18/78)  Vs. Chicago: Willy Brossart (5), Jack Lynch (2) defend, as Ron Low makes the save; Caps won 7-5, the first W of their 2nd season (10/26/75) Guy Charron (15) and Tony White (background) both scored in a 4-4 tie (2/9/77) Vs. Chicago: Glen Sharpley's first appearance in this slideshow,                                     marked closely by Jean Pronovost (2/18/81)  Vs. Cleveland: Ace Bailey, taken down by Ohio's first NHL franchise  Vs. Cleveland: Bill Riley scores as Guy Charron looks on Vs. Colorado: Caps Goalies Roger Crozier & Ron Low combine on a 5-0 shutout;                     at the offensive end, Bill Riley (8), Gerry Meehan (14, partially hidden),                     and Craig Patrick (11) pour on the pressure against the Rockies... ...which pays off in a goal past Doug Favell (3/18/77)  Vs Detroit: Goal! Bill Collins and the Capital Centre faithful celebrate Vs. Edmonton: Howard Walker (3), Dennis Ververgaert (23) and goaltender Mike Palmateer, who makes an Oiler pay for trespassing  Vs. Edmonton: Dave Parro faced the Oilers at Capital Centre twice in his career, both in the 1981-82 season. The Caps lost the first game 4-1, as Wayne Gretzky scored his 81st! and 82nd! goals; the second game ended 6-6, as Dennis Maruk scored off his own faceoff win with 10 seconds left  Vs. Hartford: Norm (Grizzly Adams) Barnes and Ryan Walter  Vs. Hartford: Gordie Howe, age 52, returned to the NHL for the 1979-80 season with the Whalers. It took 'Mr. Hockey' just 8 minutes to score in a 3-3 tie. Here, Robert Picard dives between Howe and goalie Gary Inness. (12/4/79)  Vs. Hartford: Gordie and son Mark (5) played one NHL season together after the league absorbed 4 WHA teams. Is Tom Rowe (17) checking the surroundings? Two weeks after their Jan. 4, 1980 game, the Caps traded Rowe to Hartford  Vs. Hartford: In 1981, Orest Kindrachuk (23) played the final four of his 508-game NHL career with Washington, before succumbing to a chronic back injury; not enough time, apparently, to get a name stitched to his sweater  Vs. Hartford: Dave Parro and Pat Boutette Vs. Kansas City (Book Pg. 46): The Caps scored three 3rd-period goals in a 2-min. span to erase a 3-goal deficit, and tie their 1974 cousins, 5-5 (3/23/76)  Vs. Los Angeles: Robert Picard and goalie Wayne Stephenson couldn't contain Marcel Dionne, who had two goals and two assists in a 5-3 Kings victory (10/24/79)   Vs. Los Angeles: This time it's Picard with the puck, and Dionne chasing  Vs. Los Angeles: Mario Lessard nabs the Wes Jarvis shot (10/29/80)  Vs. Los Angeles: A month after being rescued from the defunct WHA Indianapolis Racers, goalie Gary Inness authored two home wins over the Kings; 40 saves in an 8-3 win on 1/3/80, and 25 saves in a 5-3 victory on 1/31/80  Vs. Los Angeles: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's clean-shaven Mike Gartner, leaping tall goalies in a single bound to score his first NHL goal (8-6 Caps win, 10/16/79)  Vs. Los Angeles: Yvon Labre Vs. Minnesota: Glen Sharpley again, as a North Star, with Wes Jarvis and                     Rolf Edberg as bookends (3-3 tie, 12/3/80)  Vs. Montreal: Pete Scamurra gets the fish-eye (lens).  Vs. Montreal: The curious thing is not that Guy Lafleur has scored on Rick Green and Bernie Wolfe, but that the referee is confirming the goal by singing an aria from 'Rigoletto'  Vs. Montreal: Larry Robinson (19) and Rick Green (5) Vs. Montreal: If only Bernie Wolfe had the wingspan of a California condor (2/17/78)  Vs. Montreal: Dave Parro  Vs. Montreal: Rick Green, Gord Lane defend for goalie Bernie Wolfe  Vs. NY Rangers: Yvon Labre and Don Murdoch in 1976-77  Vs. NY Rangers:  Walt Tkaczuk (pronounced 'Ka-chook', and by the way, the eye chart called and wants its bottom line back) scores on Jim Bedard  Vs. NY Rangers: Goalie Rollie Boutin and Don Murdoch (12/30/79)  Vs. NY Rangers: A sizzling Caps line at work - Billy Collins (#26, 2 goals, 1 assist) and Ron Lalonde (#22, 3 assists). Linemate Ace Bailey had the best night of all, 2 goals and 2 assists, pacing a 7-2 victory. (3/25/77)  Vs. NY Rangers: Goal! Dennis Maruk (21), Ryan Walter, and Bob Sirois (25).                                         This is a beautifully composed photo.  Vs. NY Rangers: Tom Rowe scores twice in a 3-3 tie (12/30/77)  Vs. NY Rangers: Bob Sirois (25)  Vs. NY Rangers (Book Pg. 97): Phil Esposito (77) on offense against goalie Bernie Wolfe and mates Larry Bolonchuk (4), Gerry Meehan (14), and Robert Picard (24)  Vs. NY Rangers: Jack Lynch Vs. Pittsburgh: With Caps strewn all over the ice like bowling pins, the referee says NO, you may NOT try and pick up the spare (3/19/76)  Vs. Pgh: Rick Bragnalo (18), Hartland Monahan (12), Gerry Meehan (14) (3/19/76)   Vs. Pittsburgh: Two on one, Hartland Monahan (12), and Gerry Meehan (14) (3/19/76)   Vs. Philadelphia: In a 1981 game, Veitch (Darren) beats Leach (Reggie)  Vs. Philadelphia: Ron Lalonde and mates totaled 14 shots in a 6-1 loss to  minor-league callup Rick St. Croix (note the Maine Mariners 'm' logo on his mask) (2/26/78) Vs. St. Louis: Ace Bailey (9) scores as Jack Lynch (2) looks on  Vs. St. Louis: Bernie Wolfe in goal, Gerry Meehan and Jack Lynch Vs. St. Louis: 16,156 at Capital Centre - and Robert Picard (24) - watch as Wayne Stephenson deflects the puck off his blocker in a 4-2 Caps victory (3/26/80)  Vs. St. Louis: Is it me, or does Bob Sirois' splayed glove look like the                                         sticky paw of a gecko? Yeah, you're right, it's just me. Vs. Toronto: 5 games after Jerry Butler (kneeling) was traded from St. Louis, he fought Bill Riley (#8, far right). By all appearances, he lost by TKO. Not to worry - because of his trade, Butler actually played 82 regular season games - in an 80-game regular season! (11/11/77)  Vs. Toronto: Three Leafs and Hartland Monahan (12) have a wonderful view as Guy Charron scores Vs. Toronto: It's bumper-to-bumper in the Leafs slot, with Ron Lalonde (22) and Tony White (20) separated by Toronto's Borje Salming. Gord McRae's goalie mask makes him look like a luchadore wrestler from Mexico. Caps goalie Ron Low made 37 saves to preserve a 4-4 tie against his former team (2/4/76) This shot of a Darryl Sittler-Ron Lalonde Capital Centre faceoff has a backstory. It was used for a 4x6 'Sportscaster Card'. Packs were sold by mail order all over the world in the late '70's. Only problem is, the card grandly explains, 'There can be no more special feeling than skating onto the ice at the Montreal Forum.' Vs. Toronto: On April 3, 1981, Dennis Maruk fires his 60th goal past a grasping Vince Tremblay. (Book Pg. 118) Dennis once wore a blonde wig into the dressing room, but as you can see, his own curls are adorable. (Book Pg. 117) Vs. Vancouver: Goalie Ron Low fights for position  Vs. Vancouver: Odd Couple - Harold Snepsts (with mustache), 1033 NHL games, 2009 penalty min.; Jean Pronovost (#22), 998 NHL games, 413 penalty min.  Vs. Vancouver: Bryan Watson, aided by the opponent's stick, demonstrates the hockey version of the Keep On Truckin' pose (Keep on Tripping?)


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